Dr. Patrick Sullivan Speaks at The National Academies on Creating Innovation While Protecting National Security

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Washington, DC – For the second consecutive year, Oceanit’s CEO, Dr. Patrick K. Sullivan, was invited to share his insight on the significance of expediting disruptive innovation at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Army Science and Technology Roundtable.

Hosted by the U.S. Army’s Board on Army Research and Development (BOARD), the event invites speakers who practice innovative approaches that can speed the adoption and acquisition of next-generation technologies. Oceanit serves as a prime example of such an organization; with decades of collaboration with the Army and other branches of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), Oceanit has yielded many integration successes, driving down innovation risks while supercharging technological development and adoption.

Dr. Sullivan spoke on the issues the U.S. Army faces in ensuring national security while also tapping innovative minds to compete globally in all aspects of society—from defense to healthcare.

“The Department of Defense faces the dual challenge of needing innovation while also maintaining national security. It’s a delicate balance whereby the U.S. needs to unlock the creative potential of bright, energetic minds so we can advance technologies that protect and empower our nation,” said Dr. Sullivan.

The DoD often turns to the National Academies and speakers like Oceanit’s Dr. Sullivan for independent advice on topics related to research, development, and application of science and technology in support of military matters. The 2024 roundtable brought together leaders from government, industry, and academia to share insights on scientific priorities, explore actionable opportunities to drive innovation, and discuss technology programs like Army xTech, DoD SBIR, and other emerging research initiatives.

Dr. Sullivan’s participation in the 2024 BOARD roundtable will help fuel new Army investment choices, policy decisions, and acquisition pathways, now and into the future.

Read about Dr. Sullivan’s previous 2023 panel here: https://oceanit.com/news/oceanit-participated-in-army-science-technology-roundtable-to-advance-army-innovations/

Watch the roundtable discussion here: https://www.nationalacademies.org/event/42810_05-2024_army-science-and-technology-roundtable-meeting-4

Additional information on Oceanit’s research initiatives through Army xTech:

The xTech Program is a down-select challenge seeking to infuse innovative solutions to persistent Army problems. Initiated five years ago, xTech connects the Army with innovators by breaking down traditional barriers to technology acquisition or adoption.

Over the past year, Oceanit’s technological prowess has been recognized, and two of its innovations have been selected as winners in the xTech competition. Oceanit’s cybersecurity team won with their “Novel Cyber Intrusion Detection and Protection System (Novel IDS),” and the Materials team won for “High Durability Elastomer Composite Tank Tracks (TuffTrax).”