PRESS RELEASE | U.S. Dept. of Energy Selects Oceanit to Develop Disruptive Hydrogen Fuel Technology

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HALO is part of Oceanit’s EDGE initiative to tackle an array of next-gen energy opportunities, such as enabling the hydrogen fuel-based economy.

15 March 2022 Honolulu, HI | Saving the planet from petroleum-induced climate impacts requires replacing our dependence on fossil fuels with equally compelling, but clean alternatives, such as hydrogen fuel. The DOE recently selected Oceanit to develop a breakthrough hydrogen production technology using directed energy to forward this mission.

Hydrogen (H2) is often produced through the cumbersome process of electrolysis of water – a technology invented over 100 years ago in the 1880s. The process has been fundamentally unchanged since then. Now, leveraging previous research with the US Department of Defense (DOD), Oceanit’s “HALO” system will utilize directed energy to produce clean hydrogen. The world needs to transition to “clean” fuels that work with existing global energy infrastructure. H2 can be that fuel.

Oceanit’s technique could be transformational for hydrogen production, enabling major international and national energy companies to accelerate their transition from petroleum to clean energy. The project has the potential to not only reduce water treatment costs and energy expenditure, but also create a source of clean power. Production of hydrogen, along with other value-added materials, would significantly reduce waste and offset the environmental impact of ongoing oil & gas extraction.

“We have great partnerships with international and national energy companies. In this project, we will collaborate with a major energy company,” said Oceanit CEO Patrick Sullivan, “Oceanit and this partner will work together as we develop a practical application of high energy physics to demonstrate a novel idea in H2 production. We can reduce impact immediately from current energy sources while simultaneously creating and developing new energy sources. HALO will deliver progress toward a sustainable hydrogen fuel-based economy of tomorrow.”

Hydrogen may well be the key to decarbonization because it is an extremely efficient, clean-burning fuel. HALO’s development is part of Oceanit’s EDGE initiative: tackling an array of next-gen energy challenges like nanoscale system efficiency, predictive and prescriptive AI, carbon capture technologies, functional metamaterials, and developing new energy sources, like “green” hydrogen. EDGE (Energy & Decarbonization for the Global Environment) has many moving parts, including work across production, transmission, refining, and distribution of energy.

Founded in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1985, Oceanit is a privately held ‘Mind to Market’ company, developing award-winning disruptive innovation that endeavors to solve important problems across sectors like aerospace, energy, environment & climate, ocean sciences, health, and materials. Oceanit employs the unique discipline of ‘Intellectual Anarchy’ to transform fundamental science developed in the lab into impactful technologies for the market. Oceanit creates cutting-edge solutions, services, and products.