No Limits™ at Oceanit Presenter Bill Burnett Shares Insights on Creative Competency in Education


Creative competency – a set of attitudes, resources, and behaviors that enable individuals to apply their creativity and knowledge to solve a broad range of issues – is critical to creating breakthrough innovations. Thinking creatively, cultivating a supportive environment with radical collaboration, and building on those values enhances traditional academic pursuits, stimulates effective problem solving, and fosters new ideas.

No Limits™ at Oceanit was pleased to host Bill Burnett, Executive Director of the Institute of Design at Stanford University, an innovative program that has created international awareness of “human-centered” design. Bill shared Stanford’s insights on creative competency in education, and why it is essential to building a competitive 21st century workforce. The Stanford D-School has pioneered a teachable approach to creative problem solving that has been applied to a broad range of issues, including evolving technology to benefit humans and society, organizational change management, and process re-engineering.

No Limits™ at Oceanit is one of the premier speaker series program in the State of Hawaii. Designed to stretch the imagination and examine how vision and risk stimulate scientific discovery and engineering advancement, No Limits™ at Oceanit is proud and honored to sponsor the greatest thinkers in science, engineering, and business to share their creative genius and mindset to problem solving. Speakers have included Chris Lee, former head of Columbia/TriStar and founder of the University of Hawaii’s Academy for Creative Media; John Dean, former Chairman and CEO of Silicon Valley Bank; and Roz Savage, the first woman to row solo across the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans.

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