Oceanit Takes Initiative Towards Going Green

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Some may call it a fad, others do it because it is “what everyone else is doing,” but we call it taking initiative. Beginning in 2008, Oceanit Chief Operating Officer, Jan Sullivan, began to pursue more eco-friendly operations. She met informally with a core group of Oceanit staff members to discuss what could be done in Oceanit’s daily operations to reduce waste and achieve an end goal of a more sustainable company. Among the many endeavors pursued by this group, their most recent is the “paperless initiative.”
The team began by evaluating how Oceanit could reduce their impact on the environment and be more responsible with the resources consumed by the company. After auditing waste for four days by sorting through over 2,000 items, the team discovered 70 percent of Oceanit’s waste was in the form of paper.
The team put together videos and a presentation for Oceanit employees to bring attention to the amount of paper waste being disposed of in trash cans. By calculating the number of trees cut down per year for the wasted paper, the group was able to demonstrate the proper disposal of paper via recycling methods through an entertaining, but informative clip.
At Oceanit, we recognize that we are lucky enough to live on such a beautiful island, but we need to work to keep it that way. With our dedication to eco-friendly alternatives, we hope to do our part to keep Hawai’i beautiful. Mālama ‘Āina.
To watch the team’s video clips, please click on the web players below.