IT Information Systems

The fundamental purpose of an IT Information System is to take data and turn it in to information, from which valuable insights can be gleaned that serve a business or organization. Oceanit’s Consulting team has the expertise to work with today’s most cutting-edge systems and suites to deliver impactful IT results.

A modern IT information system is typically composed of six crucial components that must work in harmony to produce value to an organization. These components are hardware, software, data, procedures/communication, people and feedback.

Hardware is the physical component of the technology; software is the program or set of instructions that tell the hardware what to do. Data are fragments of information that need to be aggregated, indexed, and organized by the system using procedures or rules.

While many IT companies focus on these first four components, Oceanit bases our IT Information Systems work firmly in human-centered design and feedback – putting users and stakeholders first when thinking about how a platform can deliver value to an organization.

We start with Design Thinking because people are the single most essential component that influence the success or failure of a system. And this includes not only direct operators of the information system, but those who produce data or input, those who utilize the insights generated by the system, and the stakeholders who interact and do business based upon the system.

Human-centered design guides our working principles for any consulting that our team gives on IT Information Systems development, change management, or support. resizeimage