Integrating Scientific Innovation with Cultural Values to Help Manage Precious Water Resources

What if water was considered both a powerful tool and a limited resource, treated with both scientific and cultural respect? Oceanit combines our technical prowess with longstanding community connections to continue a process that provides clean, pure, uncontaminated potable water along with helping improve and retain infrastructure that handles water-centric issues with cultural respect.

Oceanit understands the importance of safeguarding water resources to sustain safe and reliable sources of water for drinking, industrial and agricultural uses, and for the good of our natural environment.


Our team has decades of experience in groundwater resource development and assessment and can assess wells and providing analysis for saltwater intrusion. Over the years, Oceanit has completed numerous geology and groundwater projects for private, county, state, and federal clients.

Oceanit’s scientists and engineers apply their wealth of knowledge of subsurface conditions and processes to help clients mitigate risk, maximize return on investment, and enhance natural systems. We evaluate and model groundwater resources and provide water well design, drilling, and construction supervision; well-pumping test design, supervision, and yield determination; water use permit support; due diligence for property transfers; and geothermal development.