Blast Ninja

 Blast Ninja is a state-of-the-art abrasive blasting nozzle that vastly reduces noise output while maintaining abrasive strength.

Kennametal Inc. has added Blast Ninja™ to its leading portfolio of abrasive blast nozzles for advanced surface preparation, click here to read the announcement.

Abrasive blasting is a ubiquitous operation in many industries, whereby abrasive materials like sand, are shot from a nozzle under high pressure against a surface to clean or otherwise alter the surface characteristics. Also known as sand blasting, abrasives can be used to roughen smooth surfaces, smooth rough surfaces, strip paint, or remove surface contaminants; depending on the blast material used and desired outcome.

The Blast Ninja nozzle was developed to solve a series of challenges that have impacted the health, safety, and happiness of industrial workers who regularly encounter the high-decibel noise levels associated with abrasive blasting. These levels are typically ranked by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as ‘hazardous.’ Under OSHA’s noise standard compliance (29 CFR 1910.95), the legal limit is a maximum of four hours of work for those in a facility with excessive noise levels.

Oceanit’s innovative noise-reduction blasting technology was originally developed for Department of Defense workers who have to maintain heavy machinery in adverse conditions.  Blast Ninja nozzles help to reduce the average 115dB that abrasive blasting emits. At a normal 115dB, OSHA sets a max safe exposure time of just fifteen minutes per day.

Blast Ninja reduces that sound level by up to 17dB, a huge leap in noise reduction and in protecting the hearing of blasting operators and nearby workers, allowing for more time of productive work beneath exposure limits.

Oceanit’s Blast Ninja quiet nozzle works by reducing the nozzle air exit velocity and sound pressure level, while preserving particle velocity to maintain equal abrasive power. With the Blast Ninja, workers and company stakeholders experience an improvement of productivity, with less distraction and liability risks.

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Key Features

  • Reduces nozzle air exit velocity and sound pressure level
  • Maintains particle velocity to maintain equal abrasive power
  • Reduces noise levels by 17 dB vs. currently-used blasting nozzles
  • Increases safe working exposure to four hours (from just 15 minutes)
  • Delivers the criteria under OSHA for a non-hazardous work zone