Oceanit is delivering the future of sophisticated sensors and integrated systems. With critical military, commercial, and industrial uses our advanced sensor technologies are being developed to meet growing needs around the world.

The next generation of connectivity is upon us and with the Internet of Things (IoT), applications, objects, vehicles, and devices are all interconnected and collaborative. Oceanit innovates to make these systems collectively smarter. From home maintenance and security to mobility, traffic control, deep sea exploration, and healthcare, we work to collect and connect data like never before.


Through our Design Thinking methodology, Oceanit brings together the components of the IoT to play specific roles and work together. Nanite ™ material can be incorporated into infrastructure as a sensor to provides smart data on loads or deterioration. InteliSockets ™ are patented wireless mesh devices for electrical outlets that provide secure, real-time monitoring and remote control of every electrical device plugged into a network.

In times of natural or man-made disasters, Oceanit’s ePoP decentralized communication infrastructure enables users to make off-grid telephone calls, send text messages, and recharge mobile devices during outages to traditional communications failure. ULTRA is a revolutionary laser communication system for high band-width, sub sea IoT developed using point-to-point, tight-beam lasers to eliminate the need for umbilicals in the sub sea internet of things.