Welcome to Oceanit’s Organizational Innovation services—a hub of transformative solutions tailored to empower your enterprise. At Oceanit, our Innovation Consulting team embarks on a journey to define and fulfill human needs, propelling the creation of effective, readily-embraced solutions. Our approach is anchored in the practice of Design Thinking, ensuring that user and stakeholder pain points are at the heart of every organizational change endeavor.

Our process kicks off by delving into the world of user-centricity. We unearth user needs, identify pain points, delve into values, and pinpoint priorities. This serves as the bedrock of our strategy, underpinning every subsequent step. Our emphasis on user experience ensures that insights gained are poised to reshape the way you innovate.

However ingenious a solution might be, its potential lies dormant if it fails to resonate with key users and stakeholders. This is where our understanding shines. We recognize that solutions aren’t just about functionality; they must be championed by those who will champion their implementation.


Our comprehensive suite of services goes beyond Design Thinking workshops. We specialize in organizational change management, propelling your business into new dimensions of growth. Our expertise extends to refining business processes, enhancing operational efficiency, and ensuring seamless project management.

At Oceanit, we merge innovation, strategy, and collaboration to forge a path toward enduring success. Join us on this journey of innovation where human needs lead the way to remarkable solutions that stand the test of time.