Information Insights derives valuable business proofs from mountains of data, providing relevant and actionable information to our customers.

Oceanit’s Innovation Consulting team leans on our deep expertise in areas such as human-centered problem solving, data analytics, cloud solutions, applied artificial intelligence, and big data visualization to achieve powerful results and generate true value for our customers.

In the age of big data, few enterprises are harnessing the power of data, even fewer are creating actionable insight from the data they do capture, and even fewer know where to look to tease out the value in these endless reams of information.

Through data-derived insights, we work with clients to implement value-based actions and evolution within teams, divisions, management levels, C-suite leadership, or entire businesses; empowering change and improving performance.


Information Insights at Oceanit provides consulting services for customers who are utilizing information systems – such as data warehouses, enterprise systems, GIS, automation systems, and more – but who are not gleaning the right value from those systems.

When you’re inputting data, receiving information, but not gaining the insights nor being able to act on that information, the system is failing.  Our consulting team works with your organization to find attainable solutions to glean the right insights from mountains of data.