How will software of the future integrate with the next generation of technological advancement – from hardware to artificial intelligence?

Technological innovation, adoption, and protection of critical systems are essential in supporting the complex, global operations of today’s businesses and governments. Countless organizations need easy-to-use, secure, and reliable data gathering tools integrated with analysis and reporting systems. Oceanit develops intelligent, integrated information systems, including multi-stream data fusion and computer vision, agent-based systems, distributed network sensor systems, and mobile intelligence.

What We Do

Oceanit’s groundbreaking innovations emerge at the intersection of our hardware technology developments and software capabilities. This multifaceted approach allows us to customize answers to specific problems and removes barriers that might limit other companies.

VIPA computer vision is our computer vision software platform and the basis upon which many other technologies are being developed, including our Aloha AI system. Retina View leverages VIPA to help merge disparate kinds of optical scans, providing more information to ophthalmologists. ‘ioView, built as a continuation of Oceanit’s MERCI, uses computer vision AI combined with drone technology to speed the assessment of damages caused by national disasters, enabling a faster restoration of power and protecting workers on the ground.