Information Systems empower organizations to collect, process, store, and distribute valuable data and information. These systems integrate things like hardware, software, programming, data, procedures, feedback loops, and more. However, all too often, the human component of such systems is left by the wayside in favor of structure, tasks, and process.

An information system that doesn’t account for people first will never gain broad acceptance in an organization – this is where Oceanit focuses.

Oceanit prioritizes people: defining users’ needs and understanding workflows to inform effective, adoptable platforms. People are the single most important piece that influences the success of failure of an information system.


All of our Information System efforts begin with our deep Design Thinking expertise, to focus on users and stakeholders at all levels of an organization and determine what they need, how they need it, and why.

Oceanit identifies user-centered needs, pain points, values, and priorities and build upon these invaluable insights to inform everything that follows. A system is only as good as the people who adopt and maintain it.

From IT Information Systems to Cybersecurity and custom projects, Oceanit’s Innovation Consulting team provide the guidance necessary to instill human-centric values in any organizational system that we work on.