Big Data and Visualization

Oceanit scientists are working at the cutting edge of collaborative visualization environments and data aggregation technologies. Partnering with collaborators such as the University of Hawaii’s LAVA Flow laboratory, we are building and using technologies akin to Tony Stark’s holographic interfaces from the Avengers and Iron Man movies.

Oceanit uses proprietary tools such as LAVA (Large Data Aggregation Visualization and Analysis) framework to analyze and demystify large volumes of data. LAVA is a flexible platform originally designed for solving difficult image processing problems for military applications, but has been extended to solve big data issues across other industries.


Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer fresh perspectives in solving difficult data problems, the Innovation Consulting team works hand in hand with Oceanit’s S&T unit to bring the best solutions and visualization to big data sets and problems.

Our Intellectual Anarchy approach affords us the chance of building bespoke team for unique and disparate big data and visualization tasks.  We work with private companies, local, state, and federal government agencies, the education sector, and more to produce meaningful and understandable insights from vast data sets.

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