In the face of increasingly severe storms and rising sea levels, what if we could ensure that our low-land and coastal communities would be safe and protected regardless of weather events or climate changes? Oceanit understands the importance of taking a proactive approach to flood control and partners closely with private, state, and federal organizations to bolster our defenses before it’s too late.

With a reputation for innovative, quality engineering for all types of dam and flood mitigation projects, Oceanit staff provide safe and cost-effective solutions for dams and related infrastructure.


Dams are a critical part of our infrastructure and provide a range of economic, environmental, and social benefits, including flood mitigation, power generation, water supply, stormwater detention, and wildlife support. Oceanit is focused on maintaining safe and economically viable dam facilities and provides a full range of dam services from inspections and rehabilitation to emergency action plans and removal.

Oceanit is also heavily involved in flood control and provides comprehensive engineering and environmental consulting services to assist with flood mapping and mitigation. Our study of the Keopu-Hienaloli streams in Kailua-Kona, for example, included not only topographic and aerial surveys, but also studies of the local archaeology, flora and fauna, and socioeconomic situation in order to paint a complete picture.

Case studies: Keopu flood control study, Augmented reality sandbox, Dam break analysisprogram, Opaeula No. 1, Opaeula No. 2, Oceanit dam information management system DIMS, Kolea Wahikuli dam