Welcome to the next generation of exploration into AI and Data Insights. Imagine a world where machine learning not only enhances our abilities but runs alongside our efforts to achieve authentic, human-style general artificial intelligence. At this intersection, we employ cutting-edge neural network methodologies to tackle complex data challenges, all while paving the way for the next evolution of ‘anthronoetic’ AI.

Oceanit is at the forefront of applying a diverse array of state-of-the-art techniques in machine learning to address critical issues across a range of industries, including shipping & logistics, energy, infrastructure, agriculture, bioinformatics, optics, and more.


Oceanit’s approach to Machine Learning is a dynamic, precision-driven process that harnesses the power of neural networks, high-performance computing, and big data to derive insights for pivotal strategic, societal, and scientific inquiries. This capacity extends even to crisis management, exemplified by our ‘IoView emergency response platform.

Breaking past prior conceptual limitations, Oceanit’s Anthronetic cognitive engine, NoME, represents a remarkable achievement. Employing a linguistics-centric methodology, NoME – or Noetic Mathematical Engine – aspires to achieve the pinnacle of human-like AI, facilitating a profound comprehension of the underlying rationales behind logical processes. It ushers in a new era of Explanatory AI, positioning itself as a cornerstone for the next generation of AUI.

We invite you to delve into our website’s AI and Data Insights section, where innovation converges with education, and where the possibilities of AI are explored, expanded, and redefined.