Disruptive Innovations in Energy

Oceanit Disruptive Innovation

Oceanit is committed to delivering disruptive innovation to the Energy Sector via our initiative, EDGE: Energy Decarbonization for the Global Environment. EDGE is cutting edge innovation in clean energies, like hydrogen, as well as decarbonization for existing oil & gas exploration, production, transmission, refining, distribution & storage, and more.


Learn more about Oceanit’s Mind to Market products that are decarbonizing energy.

HydroPel is an in-situ-applied nanocomposite that prevents hydrogen embrittlement in pipes, speeding the global energy transformation.

The ‘Hydrogen recovery using Arc-plasma Learning Optimization’ (HALO) system creates hydrogen from produced water.

HyDIOS (Hydrogen Detection Using Intelligent Optical Sensors) monitors H2 in pipelines for expanded and more efficient distribution.

HeatX creates a smart surface to preserve and improve heat exchanger performance and condenser efficiency.

PiggyBack is an intelligent PIG system that enables unprecedented digital analysis of pipelines, using multispectral data capture.

CorLance is an AI-powered cyber-physical system for cleaning and maintenance of heat exchangers.

DragX nano surface treatment creates a smart surface that provides flow assurance and prevention of corrosion in pipelines.

Scanite is an acoustic metamaterial for digital well integrity monitoring. Scanite provides valuable, real-time well integrity information.

SCIN (Steel Cement Interfacial Nanobond) is a surface treatment that bonds steel with cement to ensure safety in wells.