MIND TO MARKET is what we do. The world is changing rapidly, that’s a given. It’s not always changing for the better. Oceanit is anticipating changes to come, evolving to meet emerging challenges, and always striving to peer beyond our event horizon. We seek out chaos to uncover opportunities to disrupt, diversify, and work for a better planet and human society.

Intellectual Anarchy™ is our methodology, created and followed, at Oceanit for over 35 years — A mindset and practice for deliberately generating disruptive innovations and taking them from the lab to society… from Mind to Market.

Oceanit is a company that employs a unique discipline to move fundamental scientific breakthroughs from the lab to the market. Oceanit’s teams deliver cutting-edge solutions, services, and products to customers across a vast range of industries. Using a variety of paths to market, including corporate co-development, private equity financing, managed acquisition, and direct manufacturing, Oceanit delivers disruptive innovation to the world.

Founded in 1985 on Oahu, Hawai’i, Oceanit has earned a world-class reputation for breakthrough science & technology, sustainable engineering, and disruptive innovation built upon our values of Curiosity, Community, and Ohana. We are a skilled group of scientists, engineers, innovators, and entrepreneurs who solve problems by understanding customer and industry pain points. This allows us to create solutions that meet organizational and user needs.

Oceanit reimagines how a business can innovate; breaking silos, transcending disciplines, and cross-pollinating ideas and expertise. No two project teams are the same at Oceanit. We create breakthrough ideas, insights, and discoveries as an interdisciplinary force. By leveraging our deep experience, global network, and passion we move impactful technology into the market, through internal manufacturing, by creating successful companies, or empowering corporate partners through technology acquisition.

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CEO Dr. Patrick Sullivan, COO Jan Sullivan, Technology Sherpa Ian Kitajima, and Strategic Direction Dr. Glen Nakafuji introduce Mind to Market, Intellectual Anarchy™ and the Oceanit Ohana who are collectively re-imagining disruptive innovation as an interdisciplinary force.