Oceanit’s S&T team is made up of scientists, engineers, academics, entrepreneurs and doctors working at the jagged edge of science and technology.

Our interdisciplinary project teams are never alike; blending disciplines, cross-pollinating ideas, and delivering human-centered breakthroughs. We seek to develop ideas based in deep fundamental science and build technologically superior products & services that provide value to many, diverse industries.

We are founded upon values of curiosity, community, and Ohana. We believe in being constantly curious… that there are no ‘lanes’ to stay inside. When practicing disruptive innovation, egos and attitude are checked at the door and elements of work and play become indistinguishable.

Oceanit believes in delivering a better future – both locally and globally – for people and communities.  Through our efforts in education, imagination, and innovation, we pursue big ideas with disruptive potential and exceptional impact and deliver those ideas from Mind to Market.

Our research, projects, products  span many industries such as energy, aerospace, healthcare, sensors & communications, software, defense, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and more.

We believe in working together as a transdisciplinary family. We bring together ideas that span industries and expertises so that our diversity leads us to collaborative breakthroughs that deliver value to the world.

The S&T team identifies impactful problems and develops transdisciplinary solutions – delivering a better future.