How do we balance growth and development with sustainability and environmental health in order to ensure the wellbeing of Hawai’i—and the Earth—for years to come? Oceanit is dedicated to protecting the natural resilience of our ecosystems by monitoring environmental quality and developing systems to prevent or control pollution.

Oceanit’s philosophy behind ecosystem restoration involves serving as environmental stewards, sensitivity to surroundings, and preserving resources for future generations. As engineers and scientists, we build solutions for the betterment of clients and humankind. We execute this work in a way that meets client needs while causing the least amount of harm to the environment, or ideally, benefits it.


The disposal of treated wastewater must be regulated and monitored to ensure the vitality of our ocean waters and the health of those who use them—from coral and fish to humans. Our scientists and engineers ensure the protection of public health, environment, and ecology by carefully managing and monitoring outfall discharge. This process includes all steps, including planning, instrument deployment, diffusion measurements, modeling, dye dispersion tests, and reporting.

Oceanit’s environmental consulting work includes capabilities like environmental sampling and testing, remediation services, environmental compliance and permitting, environmental site assessments, offshore sediment sampling, lead and asbestos surveys and abatement, long-term ecosystem monitoring, and much more.


  • Keopu flood control study
  • Aliomanu road repair
  • Maunalahilahi Beach Park
  • Salt Lake best management practices
  • Pouhala Marsh wetland restoration
  • Kanaha Ponds restoration Kahului Maui
  • Hilo Harbor dredging
  • Stormwater management program plan
  • Kawainui Marsh bird habitat
  • Geothermal well