Oceanit’s Innovation Consulting team creates a substantial impact for our clients by enhancing performance through insights derived from data, cutting-edge systems, and human-centered problem-solving approaches. The potent tool of ‘Questioning’ stands as a uniquely effective means of unlocking value within organizations. Our focus lies in empowering clients to pose the precise questions that lead to insights stemming not only from data but also from user experiences and identified pain points.

At the core of our methodology lies Design Thinking—an approach characterized by human-centered, imaginative problem-solving. This approach not only offers guidance on the “how-to” aspects but also stimulates unconventional questioning and ideation. The essence of Innovation Consulting resides in fostering innovation through the application of science and technology, achieved by assessing clients’ risk tolerance, identifying various pain points, and addressing their change-related needs.

Innovation Consulting drives success and evolution by facilitating organizational change. We deliver pertinent, actionable insights that exert an influence on people, the environment, and business dynamics.


We categorize our expertise and services into three fundamental domains: Information Insights, Organizational Innovation, and Information Systems. Each of these domains, along with the services they encompass, is founded on our unwavering commitment to a humans-first philosophy. This philosophy underscores the principle that all systems must prioritize users and stakeholders. This entails considering their requirements, pain points, and interactions with the system.

In essence, Oceanit’s Innovation Consulting team operates at the nexus of data, innovation, and human-centric values, forging a path towards transformative growth for our clients.

Information Insights focuses on providing relevant and actionable information to our customers pull from data, info and systems across an organization. Organizational Innovation examines and defines human needs in realizing organizational change. Information Systems focuses on empowering our clients to collect, process, store, and distribute valuable data and information.