FoulX is a novel surface treatment system for boats & ships which utilizes water-based, nanocomposite technology to create a low-friction, foul-releasing surface that also prevents corrosion in all nautical environments.

FoulX is water-based, non-VOC treatment that is non-toxic after curing. Unlike maritime paint or epoxy systems, FoulX surface treatment is a single, two-part polymer, formula that is extremely easy to apply for all kinds of surfaces which are exposed to nautical elements.

FoulX treatment imparts an extremely low surface energy & low roughness property to substrates, like a boat’s hull. This modified surface releases all growth and biofouling without acting like a biocide. FoulX is an omniphobic (water & oil -phobic) treatment that prevents biological adherence, not a biocide which is harmful to ecological systems and life.

In addition, FoulX mitigates corrosion when applied to ferrous substrates. FoulX has excellent mechanical durability and performance and fills in corrosion pits and surface roughness when applied. Corrosion rates for steel exposed to seawater immersion and brine air can easily exceed 10 mils per year if left unprotected in a splash zone, while barnacles – which attach in shallow tidal zones – can similarly induce heavy, accelerated microbiological pitting corrosion. The subsequent deterioration of the ferrous substrates leaves these structures at risk for mechanical failure, as the effects of particle impact, abrasion, wear, and erosion combine with the weakened surface structure to accelerate the loss of material.

FoulX is an all-around solution to maintain efficiency and reduce maintenance for vessels or all size.

Key Features

  • Water- and oil-repellant coating that is compatible on all surfaces/substrates.
  • Creates a low-friction surface which releases bio-growth & fouling. NOT a biocide.
  • Water-based, non-VOC, and non-toxic two-part polymer coating. NOT a multi-formula coating system.
  • Easy to apply with minimal surface preparation. Cures rapidly at ambient temperatures and can be effective in just 1-2 coats.
  • Releases fouling, prevents corrosion, reduces drag, and saves fuel
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