Grafix is an EverPel variant coating that works as a defensive shield to repel graffiti from paint, paint spray cans, and permanent markers.

In recent decades, graffiti has become an extensive issue. An estimated $12 billion per year is spent cleaning up graffiti in the United States. Graffiti also contributes to lost revenues associated with reduced retail sales and declines in property value.

Grafix is a variant of EverPel, Oceanit’s omniphobic surface treatment. Grafix can act as a sealer to protect the underlying surface from water, oil, chemicals, and paint. This protective layer of nanocomposite coating facilitates cleaning of the treated surface, so that any tags or markings can be quickly and easily removed. If the surface is vandalized, markings can easily be removed by scrubbing clean with a wet hand brush. Grafix can be applied to concrete, tiled, or metal surfaces to provide low-cost protection for large areas.

Prompt, persistent removal of graffiti is one of the best ways to prevent future vandalism and often results in a nearly-zero rate of recurrence.

Grafix is non-toxic after curing and is water-based. The treatment forms a clear-coat barrier over the surface being protected and allows for the quick and easy graffiti removal at a cost savings compared to existing methods of abrasive cleaning and repainting. The omniphobic properties of Grafix repel water- and oil-based substances through a low surface energy property in the material.

Key Benefits

  • Treatment makes the binder and pigment in paints unable to adhere to the surface
  • Tested on both porous and nonporous surface materials
  • Environmentally-friendly composition and processing
  • Sufficient adherence without damage to substrates
  • Water-repellent and resistant to ultraviolet aging and weathering
  • Can be applied to concrete, mortar, coated, metal surfaces, etc.
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