Nanobe™ provides a photo-activated, site-specific delivery platform that has shown breakthrough results in the fight against cancer

Current cancer treatments use a “shotgun” effect, killing cancer cells but also the healthy cells that are nearby. How do you direct the cancer drugs only to the cancer cells? Inspired by biological viruses, Oceanit has constructed a synthetic analog using biological molecules and synthetic materials to deliver drugs to specifically targeted cancer cells.

Nanobe™ decreases toxicity of cancer treatments to patients, while increasing ‘bioavalability,’ the proportion of a treatment substance that is able to have an active effect when introduced into the body. Nanobe™ was designed to recognize specific cells, penetrate the cell membranes of that target, and deliver treatment molecules of choice.

Upon photo-activation, Nanobe™ can thermally kill cancer cells, can fuse or penetrate targeted cell membranes, and can release payload drugs. This is of particular relevance to the treatment of solid tumor cancers, such as prostate and breast cancer. Nanobe™ has advantages over current technology, such as drug-carrying nano-medicines and drug immuno-conjugates, due to the unique structure for active targeting and photo thermal properties.

Key Features

  • Improves bioavailability of drugs at targeted site
  • Significantly lowers chemotherapy doses
  • Increases effectiveness of chemotherapy
  • Minimizes toxicity to patient