Functionalized nanogold is being integrated with a range of healthcare product to improve skin conditions

For over 10 years, Oceanit has been at the forefront of nanotechnology research and nano-material development. Oceanit’s materials team brings together world-class capabilities in nano-material synthesis, rapid prototyping, characterization, analysis, and functionalization to deliver novel nano-materials from mind to market.

Nanogold, bioengineered to carry peptides important for skin health, is the latest Oceanit materials technology to move into the market.

Gold has long been sought after for its economic value and its ability to conduct heat and electricity. Recently, more research has been done into the potential uses and benefits of gold nanoparticles, or nanogold, because of surface chemistry that allows the particles to be functionalized with various molecules and polymers that serve a range of applications. Nanogold has uses as diverse as electricity transmittance to food sensors to biological imaging.

Gold has received a lot of attention in the medical and health industry because it is known to be inert (safe).  Cutting edge research in cosmetic products focuses on delivery of essential vitamins, amino acids and peptides to the deep skin tissues. Nanogold is a potential carrier system for safe delivery of these ingredients.

Oceanit successfully functionalized and stabilized a new type of proprietary nanogold which overcame these hurdles. Oceanit’s team developed a novel system using small bioengineered peptides that attach to the nanogold for easy skin penetration, added product stability, and improved shelf-life. These gold nanoparticles are purposely sized to be <25 nm (or 0.02% the size of a strand of hair) for easy skin penetration and delivery of amino acids with the intent of improving the skin’s condition by stimulating collagen production.

The final product has enhanced compatibility with both oil and water-based skincare formulations and is moving into production phases with partners in the healthcare and beauty industries.

Read more about Oceanit’s Nanogold in Hawaii Business Magazine: here.

Key Features

  • Compatible with both oil and water-based formulations
  • Can penetrate several layers of skin to the dermis
  • Bioengineered to carry peptides that stimulate collagen growth
Gold nanoparticles
Gold nanoparticles take on red wine color
Nanogold penetration into skin
Nanogold reactor
Gold nanoparticles in pilot scale reactor