RIVEAL: Rapid Inspection & Visual Evaluation with AI-based Logging

RIVEAL: Rapid Inspection & Visual Evaluation with AI-based Logging

RIVEAL is Oceanit’s advanced, AI-driven platform technology for rapid inspection using multi-spectral analysis of surface data.

RIVEAL is being utilized to analyze heat exchanger tubulars and pipeline interiors, using data captured from two other Oceanit technologies, CorLance: a cyber-physical system created to optimize heat exchangers, and PiggyBack: an intelligent PIG system for pipeline inspection.

CorLance is an AI-powered cyber-physical system for the cleaning and maintenance of shell & tube heat exchangers. CorLance can also used for survey purposes; fitted with a probe to inspect tubulars, collecting data on interior surfaces.

PiggyBack is smart PIG (Pipeline Inspection Gauge) system that travels a pipeline like a normal PIG, but has the added value of capturing qualitative surface data along the pipe. Piggyback combines multi-spectral imaging with on-board INS (Inertial Navigation System) for precise geolocation data.

Data from CorLance or PiggyBack can be imported to the RIVEAL AI platform where it is “unwrapped” and analyzed at blistering speeds. RIVEAL uses a proprietary computer vision AI to process miles of pipeline data or thousands of tubulars in just minutes. 

RIVEAL identifies surface anomalies and defects, flagging trouble areas, and allowing operators or maintenance crews to focus their attention only on areas in need of intervention. RIVEAL can provide quality control information on the application of surface treatments as well, such as Oceanit’s HeatX, DragX, or HydroPel nanocomposites.

With RIVEAL, operators can even be immersed in a virtual reality construction of their pipelines or tubulars, “flying through” the pipes to visually inspecting flagged areas while switching between various light spectra to reveal problems.

Surface anomalies that are detected by RIVEAL include corrosion, fouling, debris or wax build-up, erosion or fracturing, and more. RIVEAL can rapidly analyze hundreds of miles of pipeline, or thousands of heat exchanger tubes in minutes, providing actionable data to reduce maintenance costs, prevent accidents, and ensure ongoing safe and reliable operation.

RIVEAL AI "unwraps" data from Oceanit's PiggyBack to detect flaws.