Therm AI Hybrid Twin

Through predictive, preventative, and prescriptive optimization, ThermAI can eliminate lost productivity and unnecessary downtimes worth millions of dollars

Industrial processing facilities face difficult challenges in optimization and efficiency while also operating safely, reliably, and profitably. While data capture is becoming increasingly automated, less insight is gained from that data due to shortages of experienced/skilled workers.

Facilities across many industries are searching for methods to gather better data, gather it autonomously, and process it accurately, leading to higher value insights and action plans.

Highly skilled workers rarely have time to crunch mountains of data and garner actionable meaning from it, instead continuing a regular maintenance schedule or embracing the ‘fix it when it breaks’ norm. However, AI “edge” technology can provide the answer to this personnel shortage and data overload via preventative analytics, predictive insights, and prescriptive optimization actions.

The ThermAI Hybrid Twin can bridge the gap by enabling actionable insights from AI to Humans.

The ThermAI Hybrid Twin technology suite from Oceanit monitors, analyzes, predicts, notifies, and prescribes—delivering next-generation maintenance and optimization strategy for critical systems.

The term ‘Digital Twin’ is often used to describe a digital replica of physical assets, derived from real-life data collected from sensors and monitoring technologies of the asset while in operation. A digital twin can use a range of AI and advanced machine learning methods to analyze, update, and/or manage the performance of its physical counterpart.

Unlike digital twin systems, Oceanit’s ThermAI Hybrid Twin fuses ‘edge AI’ hardware with advanced machine learning software to leap lightyears ahead.

ThermAI’s foundation is Oceanit’s NERRO AI microchip: an edge AI chip that enables industrial computing in high performance environments—processing critical data closer to the data source and eliminating cloud processing that leads to higher costs, latency, and application failure. NERRO’s edge computing capabilities deliver unique values for applications in areas of limited or no connectivity, when latency is of high importance, in areas that deal with sensitive information and heightened cyber security risks, and when distributed AI capabilities are critical. The NERRO AI chip is field trainable and can be integrated with existing system sensors and devices currently in use.

Advanced machine learning AI software works in concert with NERRO edge AI, providing insights, describing cause and effect relationships, prescribing actions, and more. ThermAI melds historical data with current performance data, extracting predictive insights for preventative, predictive, and prescriptive maintenance. ThermAI not only predicts when maintenance will become necessary but also suggests operational changes to prevent impending need for maintenance and prescribes actions for how to deal with predicted failures.

Key Features

  • OPTIMIZED – Tune systems to deliver the absolute best performance
  • PREVENTATIVE – Maintain at optimized intervals so that assets don’t break
  • PREDICTIVE – Predict exactly when an asset will break and maintain it accordingly
  • PRESCRIPTIVE – Receive insight to help you decide how to avoid predicted failures