Hilo Harbor Dredge Material Evaluation and Disposal Permitting

As part of the construction of Inter-Island Cargo Terminal Facility at Hilo Harbor, Oceanit designed a new revetment, analyzed the sediment for ocean disposal (photo: collecting sample of dredged materials), investigated oily water contamination, obtained permits for the dredged and fill materials, and created a compensatory mitigation plan and design.

Challenge: The approval of an acceptable compensatory mitigation plan.

Innovation Delivered: This process required lengthy and involved coordination and discussions with multiple Federal and State agencies to quantify the appropriate resources to be compensated and determine an acceptable form of mitigation. In-kind, out-of-kind, structural, and non-structural forms of mitigation were considered. The construction contract has been awarded and is expected to begin after the proposed compensatory mitigation plan has been accepted by USACE.

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