Moanakai Seawall

The Moanakai seawall required reconstruction after 20 years of erosion, when gaping sinkholes and areas of damage along the structure became a safety issue for the public. Many local families and visitors alike frequent this area of the coast, also known as “Fuji Beach,” as it is protected by surrounding reef. Community members cherish this seaside spot as an area to play with their keiki (children) and fish from the water’s edge, and hoped to see a safer wall to guard the public from oncoming traffic on Moanakai Road.

Oceanit collaborated with the Kaua‘i County Department of Public Works to address the erosion issue. By implementing Oceanit’s mobile inspection program, Inspecta™, the contractor and construction team were able to generate numerous reports over the four month period of construction. Not only did Inspecta™ document the daily repairs, it also tracked the amount of manpower and equipment needed for different parts of the reconstruction. Tracking the restoration was made easy with the application because of its user-friendly design and time-saving technology, allowing the contractor to stay updated on the structure with clear and precise reports via his smartphone.

The blessing of the improved seawall was held in late June and attended by Mayor Bernard Carvalho, Jr.; representatives from the Department of Public Works; and community members. The Mayor applauded the new wall, and was especially pleased by the design’s incorporation of a beloved tree, due to the tree’s sentimental value to neighbors. Surrounding naupaka bushes were planted around the project edges and incorporated with leftover boulders into a sitting area to allow families to enjoy and frequent the area once again.