Waiehu Heights Well Hydrogeologic Study

The County of Maui, Department of Water Supply (DWS), needed to bring a specific well online by either replacing or repairing an existing well with excessively high salinity. Oceanit assisted DWS in deciding whether to repair or replace Well 1 in the Waiehu Heights battery. The report prepared by Oceanit discussed the feasibility of reducing the chloride levels in the well to acceptable levels using operational data, information from neighboring wells in the Iao Aquifer System, and general knowledge of the hydrogeology of the Iao Aquifer System. In addition, a preliminary conceptual design was required to be prepared for the well refurbishment.

Selecting a well sire required careful analysis of geology and hydrology. Property issues were very important to Maui County and the Maui DWS needed the report very quickly.

Oceanit analyzed the data from the well and made the determination that the best course of action was not to attempt repairs on the existing well. A new well site was selected, and Oceanit reacted quickly to provide the client with an accurate and updated report based on an accelerated schedule.