Oceanit has deep expertise and a long history in working on aeronautical, aerospace, and defense projects in both government and private sectors.

Our background, facilities, and capabilities allow us to design, simulate, fabricate, characterize, and test award-winning materials, sensors, and systems for the Department of Defense and commercial customers in our state-of-the-art laboratories. Oceanit’s rapid prototyping lab, Engineering Design Center (where optical and mechanical design occur), and fabrication/scale-up facilities allow us to work across a spectrum of advanced aerospace projects with diverse scopes and applications.


Oceanit’s work for aerospace and defense applications spans many realms including advanced sensors, optics, software and hardware, nano materials and coatings, wound treatment, battlefield medicine, and more.

Products, such as the LifeBed™ from Hoana Medical, began with fundamental questions like how can we better assess and care for wounded soldiers in the field. Developments around hemostasis (DERT) and wound epithelialization (SwiftSkin) followed to improve treatment of traumatic injuries both in the field and for in-patient care.

Oceanit’s portfolio of novel nanotechnologies were developed in partnership with branches of the military such as the U.S. Air Force (AeroPel and SOAP: System of Advanced Plating), Navy (FoulX) and Marines (DrySAF). These functional surface treatments and fabrics paved the way for many of the coatings that Oceanit is successfully deploying for applications across sectors like Energy, Transportation, Refining & Industry, and Manufacturing.