Stay Cool in a Hot Climate

Oceanit created 19°N in 2021 as an outdoor brand to launch our consumer version of the active cooling vest. HONU is the world’s first Active Cooling pack designed specifically for outdoor adventures in a changing climate.

HONU contains the ThermoCore® personal cooling system, that lowers the wearer’s body temperature in high outdoor temperatures. This cooling power helps the wearer to enable better endurance, higher performance, and faster recovery for wearers in increasingly hot environments.

Inspired by NASA, who pioneered liquid cooling technology for spacesuits, and developed with US Military support, the ‘Honu Cooling Pack’ is a new breed of outdoor gear built to overcome the physiological challenges of climate change.

The Honu Cooling Pack was designed for recreation and work in the face of climate change, standing at the fore of a new wave of climate-adaptive equipment. In contrast to passive cooling wearables—wicking fabrics, evaporative bandanas, ice pack pockets, etc.—the Honu Cooling Pack is designed to actively remove heat from the wearer’s body by circulating cool water through patented, thermally-conductive polymer tubing integrated throughout the pack. Honu leverages the body’s natural cooling biomechanics to reduce the perception of atmospheric temperatures by up to 20°F.

The ThermoCore Active Cooling System combines NASA’s pioneering research in liquid cooling with leading edge nano-materials engineering. ThermoCore draws heat from the wearer’s body through 60 feet of microtubing that run throughout the pack’s chest, shoulder, and back areas. ThermoCore has double the thermal conductivity of PVC, resulting in up to a 50% increase in heat extraction compared to best in class cooling garments. Lightweight, flexible, comfortable, and robust, ThermoCore can optimally cool the wearer for up to half a day.

The development of the ThermoCore Active Cooling System began years ago for US special forces and US Navy shipyard personnel, who operate in dangerously hot conditions. After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from tests at Pearl Harbor in Hawai’i, 19°N adapted the technology to provide comfort and cooling to civilian workers, athletes, and adventurers. Thus, the Honu Cooling Pack was born.

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