IN THE NEWS | H2XCEL ‘Hydrogen Accelerator’ Lab Grabs Attention in Houston

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Houston, TX July 17, 2023 | Last month, Oceanit launched its new Hydrogen Hub test laboratory, H2XCEL, at newly expanded facilities in Houston, Texas. H2XCEL, short for ‘Hydrogen Accelerator,’ is a unique facility, one-of-a-kind in North America, that will aid the development of cutting edge technologies to help integrate hydrogen into the current energy infrastructure.  The opening caught the attention of media and experts in the Houston area.

H2XCEL will help Oceanit scientists and researchers perform critical testing and gather data on hydrogen-methane blending, transport pipeline safety, hydrogen production, and monitoring tools. Technologies like HydroPel will be further developed under various conditions, along with technologies like DragX, HALO, and HyDIOS. To read more about HydroPel, visit

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