IN THE NEWS | Blast Ninja on HPR Bytemarks Cafe

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Honolulu, HI March 29, 2023 | On Wednesday, Oceanit’s Head of Product, Matthew Sullivan joined Hawaii Public Radio’s Bytemarks Cafe program, hosted by Burt Lum, to discuss the news of Blast Ninja’s™ acquisition by American tooling manufacturer, Kennametal.

Sullivan began by explaining how Oceanit’s aerospace engineers were researching noise reduction in jet fighter engines. Planes like the F-22 Raptor can cruise at over 2 times the speed of sound, but generate a massive amount of noise when close to populations. When approached about hearing loss from abrasive blasting operations, Oceanit’s team found a way to leverage that jet fighter noise reduction research to create a revolutionary quiet abrasive blast nozzle.

Chronic hearing loss is a significant health burden for operators and represents a huge healthcare cost for the United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs each year – topping $1 billion annually. Oceanit was able to solve this by creating Blast Ninja, a plug-and-play nozzle that reduces noise levels by up to 17dB while improving productivity.

Sullivan and Lum discussed the origin story of Blast Ninja and then covered the recent Kennametal announcement, adding Blast Ninja to Kennametal’s leading portfolio of abrasive blast nozzles for advanced surface preparation.

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