IN THE NEWS | Oceanit Introduces HydroPel for Decarbonizing Existing Pipelines at ADIPEC 2022

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Abu Dhabi, UAE – October 31, 2022 | Oceanit was present at this year’s ADIPEC, the world’s most influential gathering of energy sector companies and professionals. Oceanit’s team introduced HydroPel in a presentation on ‘Achieving Decarbonization Through the Transformation of Existing Pipelines for Hydrogen Methane Blends’.

HydroPel is an advanced nanocomposite created to protect natural gas pipelines from hydrogen embrittlement, unlocking the ability for millions of miles of existing pipeline infrastructure to safely transport hydrogen-natural gas blends.

In 2022, ADIPEC boasted over 160,000 attendees, including policymakers, industry experts, and innovators from around the world. The theme of this year’s conference was, ‘The Future of Energy: Secure, Affordable, Sustainable’, emphasizing innovations and technologies that help speed the global energy transformation to a decarbonized future.

Hydrogen (H2) is widely regarded as a clean solution to the world’s growing energy needs, because when consumed the only byproduct is water. In addition to carbon-neutral H2 production, new methods and materials like HydroPel are being developed to make the hydrogen transition faster, cheaper, and safer.

At scale, H2 will need to be transported via pipelines, just as natural gas is today to provide energy across the U.S. HydroPel addresses a critical issue in H2 transport: hydrogen embrittlement. This phenomenon is a process in which hydrogen’s tiny molecules diffuse into metals of a pipeline, making pipe walls brittle, and eventually leading to cracking, fracturing, and failure.

HydroPel could be applied to the more than three million miles of natural gas pipeline already in place across the U.S., making this existing infrastructure safe for H2 transportation and saving billions of dollars in new construction. To read more about HydroPel, visit

Oceanit’s HydroPel paper will soon be made available by the event organizers, under control number: 22ADIP-P-3486-SPE. To learn more about ADIPEC, visit

HydroPel is a part of Oceanit’s EDGE initiative (Energy Decarbonization for the Global Environment) which addresses next-generation energy challenges. EDGE is an “in-house incubator”, driving the development of advanced materials to upgrade efficiency, improve safety, and endow materials with ‘smart’ responses, building next-gen AI to safeguard and enhance infrastructure and systems, developing decarbonization technologies, and enabling clean and sustainable energies.