IN THE NEWS | Oceanit Joins HPR to Talk ASSURE-100 Over-The-Counter EUA

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28 December 2022, Honolulu HI | Oceanit CEO, Dr. Patrick Sullivan and one of the ASSURE-100 team’s lead scientists, Dr. Tarah Suiter joined Hawaii Public Radio’s Casey Harlow to talk about the recent ASSURE-100 Rapid COVID-19 at-home test authorization.

On December 22, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted ASSURE-100 an emergency use authorization (EUA) for at-home use, a major milestone in the development of rapid diagnostics in the state of Hawai’i. Oceanit received a point-of-care EUA in February, 2022 for the ASSURE-100 test to be prescribed by doctors and healthcare professionals to people suspected of infection by SARS-CoV-2, but the December EUA now enables anyone to test, at any time, regardless of symptoms or prescription.

“We had been working on an artificial intelligence tool to design molecules with a toolset we call the grammar of RNA,” said Patrick Sullivan, CEO of Oceanit. “We thought we should do something useful in the pandemic, so we produced a point-of-care rapid test.”

Oceanit is now working to ramp up production of the ASSURE-100 Rapid COVID-19 Test and will be working with local retailers and mainland retailers to get the test on to shelves in the near future.

You can listen to the entire segment by clicking here.