Oceanit at the 13th Hawaii Geek Meet

Events, Technology

Oceanit innovators Chris Tugman and Jeffrey Chen attended the 13th Hawaii Geek Meet last weekend to mingle with other science, technology, and innovation enthusiasts and show off some of the work being done at Oceanit by our 19°N cooling tech team.

The Geek Meet was back at Ala Moana Beach Park’s Magic Island, being held in-person for the first time since 2019 due to the hiatus forced by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Starting at 9am, and going until 3pm in the beach park, the Geek Meet was a perfect setting for Oceanit to bring out some new cooling technologies currently being developed for consumer applications and let the attendees try it out and give feedback.

“We cast a pretty big, inclusive net, for sure,” event organizer Ryan Ozawa told Pacific Business News. “Technology is something that permeates every aspect of everyday life. … But when I say ‘geek,’ I mean someone who is focused and passionate about something — about anything. The geek meet is a chance to show off and share that passion.”

Oceanit wanted to show off ThermoCore cooling technology, which was originally developed for NASA and the U.S. Military to keep personnel cool in extreme environments, such a ship yards, desert environments, and for use under hot flight suits and protective gear. 19°N is a brand name of Oceanit, adapting this cooling tech to keep people at a cool, comfortable temperature in the consumer sector. The 19°N team brought out some of the newest prototypes for the “Cold Okole” chair, the world’s first active cooling chair with circulatory cooling.

The chair’s built-in cooling system uses ice water from a cooler, with an active circulation pump system to move the cold fluid through the chair. 19°N set out to build the ultimate outdoor chair that can keep everyone enjoying the outdoors even when it’s heating up. Visit the 19degreesn.com website to learn more.

You can visit the Hawaii Geek Meet site by clicking here.