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Houston TX, Sep 20, 2023 | Oceanit founder and CEO, Dr. Patrick K. Sullivan joined Houston InnovationMap’s Innovators Podcast to talk Oceanit, Energy, and the investments being made in hydrogen. The Houston Innovators Podcast is a weekly show hosted by Natalie Harms, editor of InnovationMap. Each episode introduces a featured innovator who is making a difference — and disrupting the status quo — in Houston, from energy and tech to healthcare, social impact, and beyond.

Dr. Sullivan spoke about the recently-opened the H2XCEL – short for “Hydrogen Accelerator” – in Houston, that focuses on technologies that will enable the integration of hydrogen into the US’s current energy infrastructure. H2XCEL is a unique, one-of-a-kind laboratory for the U.S. that is capable of testing hydrogen and methane mixtures at high temperatures and pressures. The aim is to protect existing pipelines from hydrogen embrittlement — a phenomenon wherein small hydrogen molecules penetrate pipe walls and damage the metal, potentially causing cracks, leaks, and failures.

H2XCEL will enable progress on an array of Oceanit’s hydrogen-focused technologies, including HydroPel, HALO, HyDIOS, and more. Read the full article on Houston InnovationMap

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