Press Release | Oceanit Cybersecurity and Composite Materials Programs Win U.S. Army xTech Competition Prizes

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Oceanit secures two wins out of ten winner spots at the xTechPacific competition.

Honolulu, HI October 5, 2023 – Oceanit celebrated a double victory with two advanced technology projects emerging triumphant in the U.S. Army’s xTechPacific competition. The two winning projects, Novel Cyber Intrusion Detection and Protection System (Novel IDS) and High Durability Elastomer Composite Tank Tracks (TuffTrax), were crafted to address specific challenges faced by the Army during forward-deployed missions across the Indo-Pacific and around the world.

The xTech Program is a series of Army competitions to infuse novel, innovative solutions to Army problems. Initiated five years ago, xTech connects the Army with businesses by breaking down traditional barriers to working and potentially results in full Army innovation contracts. The xTechPacific specifically targeted companies in the Pacific region, including Hawai’i. The competition’s theme addressed the “tyranny of distance,” where the effects of long distances can diminish military effectiveness and escalate costs during a mission. 

Oceanit’s two winning projects sought to heighten the military’s information advantage and alleviate stressors on the supply chain.

Novel IDS involves installing cutting-edge cybersecurity measures for critical Army vehicles, enabling them to detect and respond effectively to cyber threats, such as sensor spoofing. Cyber-attack detection and protection are becoming increasingly critical, and Oceanit’s AI-driven software delivers the opportunity to protect and defend nearly 100% of critical vehicle systems from cyberattacks. Novel IDS is one of multiple software and cybersecurity efforts ongoing at Oceanit.

TuffTrax addresses another challenge for Army vehicles: the frequent replacement needs of current tank tracks and airless tires. Current trackpads have a short lifespan due to heat generation, fatigue damage, cyclical loading, and structural non-uniformities in manufacturing. Oceanit’s TuffTrax is a groundbreaking elastomer composite with superior durability and efficient heat dissipation. The advanced material delivers a longer-lasting, more wear-resistant system that performs at high operational temperatures. 

The two project pitches underwent rigorous evaluation over three review phases, outshining nearly 100 other submissions to secure two of ten winner spots. The initial phase involved submitting concept white papers and down-selecting 50 semifinalists. Phase two included live virtual technology pitches to Army stakeholders and subject matter experts, ending with a down-select to 20 finalists. In the final round, finalists presented live demonstrations and prototypes to a panel of judges from the U.S. Army, narrowing down to ten winners.

Oceanit’s Novel IDS and TuffTrax projects will now advance into the Army’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award process. The SBIR program represents a significant opportunity for small businesses to collaborate with the Army on essential research projects tailored to meet the Army’s heightened needs.

Oceanit’s triumph in the xTechPacific competition underscores its commitment to innovation and its dedication to addressing critical challenges. In both cybersecurity and advanced materials, Oceanit is forging ahead with disruptive innovations that will contribute to the nation’s defense and security.

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