PRESS RELEASE | Oceanit to Unveil Clean Energy Tech Innovation During OTC2022

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Showcase at Greentown Labs Houston on May 3rd will feature first-of-their-kind hydrogen, decarbonization, subsea broadband, smart metamaterial and artificial intelligence platform technologies to revolutionize the energy industry

HOUSTON — April 13, 2022 — Oceanit, a “Mind to Market” research and development company known for creating disruptive platform technologies from fundamental science, will host its 2022 Energy Transformation Technology Showcase at Greentown Labs in Houston, Texas on May 3rd. The event will coincide with OTC2022 (Offshore Technology Conference) in Houston, TX where Oceanit team members will be presenting five technology papers. Oceanit’s showcase will feature technologies related to energy efficiency, hydrogen, and decarbonization, in addition to many other innovations addressing the global energy transformation.

The evening event will feature conversations with industry luminaries and live technology demonstrations, including Oceanit’s HeatX, a non-biocidal surface treatment that’s accelerating dynamic decarbonization in the industrial sector. HeatX could be the solution for today that scales down our emissions enough to allow renewables to catch-up to our expanding appetite for electricity. In addition, Oceanit will feature a suite of disruptive hydrogen innovations spanning the production, transport, storage, and preparing the nation’s infrastructure for the clean H2 energy uses of the future.

“HeatX, a non-biocidal surface treatment that prevents fouling and corrosion in metal tubing, is already revolutionizing the heat transfer process in large scale energy facilities, enabling safer, cleaner, cheaper, and more efficient operations,” said Dr. Patrick Sullivan, CEO, Oceanit. “Oceanit is also one of the few innovators to effectively think through hydrogen power application with an eye towards addressing global environmental challenges.”

Oceanit will host the event at Greentown Labs’ tech incubation space, located at 4200 San Jacinto Street in Houston. The showcase will mark the first unveiling of the company’s Energy Decarbonization for the Global Environment (EDGE) platform, which addresses next-generation energy challenges. Other demonstrations will include the newest technology in the energy sector: how nanotechnologies are supercharging decarbonization in the energy sector now, responsive smart materials to de-risk new energies (like geothermal) and help protect our environment, the use of artificial intelligence to provide the backbone of the next generation industrial metaverse, subsea hi-speed broadband for sustainable ocean resources, and more. EDGE examines the entire energy ecosystem – from exploration and production, through transmission, storage, cooling, and distribution, to carbon sequestration and new energy paradigms.

“Oceanit is well positioned to lead the reinvention of the energy industry,” said to Hani Elshahawi, current chair of the OTC technology committee and former Shell GameChanger, Technology Advisor and Digitalization Lead, “Oceanit’s groundbreaking advances will help companies to fully leverage and optimize their current operations as well as to reimagine and realize a more sustainable future.”

From disruptive innovations to scalable turnkey technology solutions, Oceanit’s Energy Transformation Technology Showcase is a can’t-miss event for the industry to experience nanocomposites, hydrogen technologies, subsea broadband, smart materials, and more firsthand. All Oceanit showcase technologies are aimed at transforming the way energy companies engage in climate challenges. The Oceanit 2022 Energy Transformation Technology Showcase will take place on May 3rd at Greentown Labs, 4200 San Jacinto Street, at 5:00 pm CDT. Please contact [email protected] to learn more.

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