The 2023 EDGE Technology Showcase is a Wrap

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Oh, what a night!

On Tuesday May 2nd, Oceanit hosted the 2023 EDGE Technology Showcase at Houston’s 1940 Air Terminal Museum, the historic building that once served the City of Houston as the Houston Municipal Airport, now William P. Hobby Airport.

The Oceanit team want to extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to everyone who attended! Thank you to all of our colleagues, partners, friends new and old, our volunteers, the staff of the 1940 Air Terminal Museum, and the National United States Armed Forces Museum and veteran crew of the H-46 Sea Knight ‘Pedro’.

We were excited to welcome so many familiar faces and forge new relationships with energy and aviation industry leaders, subject matter experts, engineers and researchers, field operators, and decision makers. Everyone together made this year’s EDGE Technology Showcase our best event yet, and the team cannot wait to take next steps, following all the great conversations and ideations from the night.

With global decarbonization ambitions and aggressive climate goals, the fundamental question we ask ourselves is, ‘how do we move the future from the distant horizon to the present day?’ The accelerating challenges facing our planet—such as climate change, food security, sustainable energy, sea level rise, and more—are all solvable. The question is not if, but when.

Oceanit set out to demonstrate engaging products along our path from Mind to Market, inspiring technologies that can be deployed today, as well as others further up our pipeline. The technologies at the 2023 EDGE Technology Showcase included bleeding edge products and innovations related to energy efficiency, green hydrogen production, decarbonization, beneficial reuse of produced water, cyber security, predictive AI-based maintenance, aircraft corrosion, and more.

At Oceanit, we purposefully seek out chaos to uncover opportunities to disrupt, diversify, and build a better planet for humans and society. The demonstrations at the 2023 event were technologies aimed at doing just that. They included: HALO, HydroPel, HeatX, AeroPel, CorLance, PiggyBack, RIVEAL, Scanite, A.N.T.S., CORAL, Sensor Shield, and our MERLIN all-sky sensor for methane emissions monitoring.

Thank you all for joining us to experience Intellectual Anarchy and disruptive innovation at work. Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing content from the event on our website, our YouTube channel, and other social media channels. Please follow along as we share highlights from the 2023 EDGE Technology Showcase and Beyond! Follow us on:

Pedro comes in to land at Hobby Airport ahead of Oceanit's EDGE tech showcase
RIVEAL allows attendees to virtually explore pipeline interiors
CORAL concretes being demonstrated with a 3D printer below water
CorLance being demonstrated on a heat exchanger
Overhead views from within the 1940 Air Terminal Museum
The 1940 Air Terminal Museum lights up in Oceanit colors