Oceanit’s Dispersible Emergency Response Treatment (DERT) is an easy-to-apply and more therapeutically-effective hemostatic wound treatment.

Oceanit has developed a novel therapy that dramatically increases blood clotting rates, greatly reducing blood loss from traumatic injuries.  With the military, first responders, and surgical teams in mind, DERT can seal wounds in less than one minute and reduce blood loss by as much as 35%.

Composed of biodegradeable and biocompatible ingredients, Oceanit’s novel method combines natrual biopolymers into a hemostatic therapy with inherent ability to induce near-instantaneous blood clotting. Components of the DERT dressing cause red blood cell and platelet aggregation and are bacteriostatic.  DERT is able to clot normal plasma significantly faster than current state-of-the-art hemostat products such as CombatGauze, HemCon, and SurgiFlo.

In vitro testing shows that relatively low concentrations of DERT can cause instantaneous clotting of blood and plasma, while comparable amounts of gauze and the leading commercial hemostat bandages take approximately 4-5 minutes to clot blood in similar trials.

In-situ testing on wounds in porcine livers artificially perfused with sheep blood demonstrated that DERT clotted blood about 2.4x to 5x faster – approximately one minute. Pre-clinical trials showed that DERT can reduce blood loss by approximately 35% percent as compared to gauze and the leading commercial hemostat bandage.

Key Features 

  • Natural biopolymer chemistry composed of FDA-approved materials
  • Formulated with medical-grade products to minimize allergic reaction
  • Promotes immediate hemostasis to reduce blood loss due to traumatic wounds
  • Innate bacteriostatic properties reduce risk of microbial infection
  • Conforms to wound surface geometry
  • Adaptable to various form factors
  • Biocompatible, bacteriostatic, and biodegradable