Laser Attenuated Trans-Cranial Hemostasis (LATCH) is a revolutionary method of treating intracranial hemorrhages.

Oceanit is developing groundbreaking innovations for the prevention and point-of-injury treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Emerging research around TBI is revealing that trauma may be a common cause of disability and death for individuals such as warfighters and athletes. Current point of injury treatment options for intracranial hemorrhaging are limited and TBI-related death or permanent injury can occur within minutes of suffering an injury.

Oceanit has created a method for trans-cranial photocoagulation of hemorrhages which provides point of injury treatment and is minimally invasive. LATCH uses a revolutionary penetrating laser energy that is non-destructive to background tissues. LATCH stops intracranial bleeding at the point of injury before the hemorrhage results in severe TBI.

The system is currently under development and testing, but has the potential to fundamentally change the way that brain hemorrhages are approached and treated.

Key Features 

  • Instant assessment and treatment
  • Reduces mortality and neurological injury
  • Allows for treatment of intracranial hemorrhages in pre-surgical setting
  • Minimally invasive