Healable Nano Coating

Oceanit LK Polymer Admix can heal repeated scratches and cracks when blended with commercially available coatings and paints.

Scratches in paints and coatings require costly and time-consuming rework. Current self-healing technologies work only once, and only for fine scratches or cracks. Healable paints and coatings are useful for marine, automotive, construction, and aerospace structures.

Oceanit’s proprietary, reconfigurable polymer admix acts as a healing agent when blended with commercially available coatings and paints. Oceanit LK Polymers are reconfigurable, allowing decomposition into liquid monomers when heated or exposed to infrared radiation, filling in scratches using capillary forces, and re-polymerizing into solid polymers upon cooling.

LK Polymers’ self-healing properties also provide extra protection from corrosion and lower maintenance costs. The LK Polymer Admix is inexpensive, easy to use, and compatible with a range of materials making it suitable for various applications. The LK molecules were synthesized and polymerized at Oceanit’s Nano Lab.

Key Features 

  • Inexpensive and environmentally benign
  • Capable of healing larger cracks/scratches
  • More durable and healable for repeated scratches and cracks than the current state of the art
  • Better mechanical strength
  • Multi-functional properties, including corrosion resistant, anti-fouling, and anti-microbial
healable coating