Oceanit’s System Of Advanced Plating, SOAP, is a significant advance in brush plating

The term “green brush-plating” is an oxymoron to anyone who has seen how brush plating is performed. Oceanit has developed a novel, green brush-plating process, called System of Advanced Plating, SOAP. Before SOAP, there had been no significant advances in brush-plating application since the 1800s.

Oceanit’s patented technology combines a moldable solid electrolyte of metal, such as copper or nickel, with a graphite rod electrode. The applicator rubs SOAP on the surface substrate for plating.  Water activates the process, reducing waste and cost with a simple time-saving procedure.

The conventional brush-plating process remains operator-sensitive, generated hazardous waste (liquid acid/alkali waste), and requires constant hazardous solution recirculation. Plating is conducted with a wand which is constantly fed with electrolyte plating solution. The process is messy due to the constant need for recirculation of the electrolyte that is required.

Brush-plating with SOAP requires no electrolyte circulation, only water sprayed on the SOAP ‘stick’ and surface. This allows SOAP to be used in tight spaces with minimal Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) needed.

Key Features

  • “Green” product, helping industries embrace environmental concerns while increasing productivity
  • Reduces manual labor and the associated costs historically linked with traditional plating processes
  • Drastic reduction in waste
  • No electrolyte recirculation needed
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