RetinaView is a suite of tools for clinical ophthalmologists and researchers for registering, fusing, and analyzing retina images – built upon Oceanit’s VIPA software platform

Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) enlist a broad range of imaging instruments to evaluate the health of their patients’ eyes. These include conventional fundus (retinal) imaging, Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy (SLO), Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), as well as multi- and hyperspectral imaging.

Currently, each instrument manufacturer provides proprietary software for processing, analysis and display of instrument data, but there is no openly-available, general purpose tool that can fuse data from these diverse sources and modes.

RetinaView is a suite of tools for registering, fusing, and analyzing retina images. With RetinaView, ECPs are no longer tied to a particular instrument vendor’s software, but can register, overlay, compare, and analyze diverse data in one place.

Key Features

  • Warper – Registers images from any pair of instruments, applying arbitrary warps to compensate for instrument projections and eye curvature
  • Combiner – Merges and compares sets of registered images
  • Viewer – Displays images and lets ECPs mark regions of interest that are then automatically transformed to other registered images
  • OCT slicer – Slice Optical Coherence Tomography datasets along flat and curved surfaces
  • Hyperspectral viewer – extracts spectra from sets of images taken in different wavelengths
  • Data Manager – Organizes files with the power of a relational database, but the convenience of a file browser.

RetinaView is ideal for both clinical ophthalmologists and researchers who need to get the most from their data. Based upon Oceanit’s VIPA software, RetinaView is easily extendable to integrate new features/data-sources over time.

retinaview warper
retinaview warper
retinaview 3dslicer
retinaview 3dslicer
retinaview data manager
retinaview data manager