Oceanit’s Shock Impact Explosive Limits Dosimeter (SHIELD) is designed to measure concussive impact in sports through pads embedded in helmets.

An estimated 300,000 sports-related traumatic brain injuries occur each year in the United States. Concussions are loosely graded upon “mental status,” making it difficult to choose appropriate treatments. An objective method to grade concussion is needed.

Passive sensors in Oceanit’s SHIELD (Shock Impact Explosive Limits Dosimeter) are designed to measure blast exposure and concussive impact in sports helmets without any additional weight, electrical power, or added equipment. This effective, low cost solution provides instant visual observation of the intensity and direction of impact.

When a sudden impact, above a preset force severity is detected by the sensors, dye packs within the helmet’s padding will release their dye in various colors that measure the severity of the impact. Any release of dye will indicate a possible head trauma, with the three colors indicating possible levels of severity. Athletic and training staff will be able to immediately see and identify if the impact was severe enough to merit further concussion protocol testing on the affected player. Individual blast dosimetry will enhance the understanding and treatment of traumatic brain injuries.

Key Features

  • Monitors concussive impact and blast exposure
  • Easily integrated into sports helmets and gear
  • Immediate visual feedback of impact
  • Improves understanding and treatment of traumatic brain injuries