Swift Skin is a novel wound dressing therapy that dramatically increases healing rates & greatly improves outcomes for patients. SwiftSkin is more therapeutically effective, requires a lower level of care, and is less expensive compared with current hydrogel wound treatments.

Wounds are painful, debilitating, and expensive to treat. Current treatments for chronic wounds or wounds with impaired healing can be ineffective or slow to promote healing. A novel wound dressing with the inherent ability to enhance wound closure, Oceanit’s SwiftSkin doubles the speed of dermal wound healing to decrease treatment time and lower the risk of infection.

Swiftskin uses an advanced process to promote early granulation tissue formation and enhance wound epithelialization. The treatment also controls the inflammation process and prevents the growth of microorganisms.

Swiftskin surpasses the current ‘state of the art’ in wound care, performing better than hydrogels, foam dressings, hydro-conductive dressings, impregnated gauzes, and hydrocolloids. Swiftskin’s inherent ability to enhance wound closure stems from dressing components that stimulate and modulate immune response, promote cell migration, regulate granulation and improve epithelialization.

Pre-clinical trials have demonstrated that SwiftSkin can achieve levels of healing at day one comparable to moist gauze controls at day five. Within two days of application of SwiftSkin, the cut surfaces of dermal wounds had fully sealed and stopped bleeding, making the dermal tissue more resistant to potential microbial infection. By day four, wounds treated with SwiftSkin were about half the size of wounds treated with moist gauze.

Key Features

  • Optically transparent and easily sterilized
  • Formulated with medical-grade, non-animal products to minimize allergic reaction
  • Promotes accelerated healing & sealing of damaged tissue to reduce bleeding and risk of infection
  • Controls inflammation process
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