Hydrogen is Finally Having its Moment By Dr. Vinod Veedu

EDGE, Energy

An article by Oceanit’s Dr. Vinod Veedu about the potentials of Hydrogen was recently featured in the energy sector publication, Shale Magazine.

Hydrogen, or H2, is the first box in the periodic table of elements and is estimated to constitute 75% of the mass of the universe. It holds massive energy potential, yet it’s rarely found in a pure form. Instead, it’s often part of compounds like H20 or NH3. Dr. Veedu shares how the process of splitting pure hydrogen from water–electrolysis–was discovered in 1800, yet only now is hydrogen innovation is only now gaining investment and momentum.

He writes about hydrogen as a versatile energy carrier, considered ‘clean’ because its only byproduct is water vapor, and its potential to decarbonize energy and industries. Dr. Veedu also discusses the work on hydrogen-enabling technologies that are being developed by Oceanit. You can read the full article by visiting https://shalemag.com/hydrogen-is-finally-having-its-moment-and-for-good-reason/