IN THE NEWS | AI Lead Dr. Jeffrey Watumull On Radio New Zealand

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Oceanit’s AI Lead, Dr. Jeffrey Watumull joined Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon program to discuss his recently co-authored Opinion Editorial in the New York Times, “The False Promise of ChatGPT.”  Watumull collaborated on the article with two esteemed Oceanit partners and leading experts in the field of artificial intelligence, Dr. Noam Chomsky and Dr. Ian Roberts.

Radio New Zealand (RNZ) is an independent public service multimedia organization in New Zealand and operates as a Crown entity, established under the Radio New Zealand Act 1995. Host Kathryn Ryan engages in conversations with influential guests during the nine to noon time slot on weekdays, delving beneath the headlines to uncover the true essence of various globally significant topics.

Watumull’s op-ed in the New York Times was penned in response to the widespread discussions surrounding emerging forms of artificial intelligence, including ChatGPT. In their article, Watumull, Chomsky, and Roberts assert that instead of standing on the brink of machines surpassing human cognitive capabilities, there remains a substantial divide between AI and the inherent linguistic and ethical thinking capacities of the human brain.

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