Empowered Hawai’i: Oceanit Shares Homegrown Climate Technologies

Energy, Technology

This week, Oceanit CEO Dr. Patrick K. Sullivan joined the hosts of KHON2’s Empowered Hawaii to share some of Oceanit’s newest energy innovations being created right here in the islands. In the episode, “Homegrown Solutions”, hosts Jeff Mikulina and Kelly Simek explore how Oceanit and several other Hawai’i companies are working to solve our global climate crisis.

Mikulina and Simek visited Oceanit’s office and laboratories in downtown Honolulu to see the latest disruptive solutions in hydrogen, nanotechnology, artificial reefs, and more.

Sullivan told the hosts, he believes the scale of our climate challenge requires radical new solutions and novel ways of thinking. While many experts around the globe work on our climate challenges, Oceanit is doing its part by bringing disruptive innovations to life here in the islands – solutions that can help solve global sustainability challenges. Sullivan shared insights on HydroPel and HALO, two technologies which will enable to broader use of clean-burning Hydrogen fuel. He also shared our work on CORAL, a carbon-neutral concrete technology, which will help cut emissions from what is now a carbon-heavy production process.

In addition to Oceanit, the episode includes interviews with some of Hawaii’s other disruptors who are developing homegrown solutions to make our islands—and the world—more sustainable.

You can view the episode below, or by visiting KHON’s website.